Who Is Ubet And Why Bet With Them ?

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Modern technology progresses at break-neck speed.

Early adopters of the newest things pave the way for the leap to

those of us in the mainstream. Those who shun change are left,

figuratively, in the dark.

Those of us in late middle age easily recall a time when there

were no personal computers. Our children barely know of the

days before the internet made all forms of information prior

essentially obsolete.

Australian bookmakers were early adopters of the electronic

technology that pervades our daily lives, and in that process,

continuously advance the field to the degree that what is

commonly available in the latter part of the second decade of

the 21st century bears scant resemblance to what was on offer

when the bookies first grasped the huge potential of the

internet as it could be applied to punting.

Not all bookmakers, however, kept pace with the swiftest

innovators and they had to play catch-up in order to avoid


Tatts Group Limited was one that nearly fell by the wayside, but

they had an awakening, and in 2015, they underwent a

makeover that leaves us with an entity that goes by the name of


Here is a brief examination of UBET and the ways in which it has

adapted, along with some of the ways they have innovated in

order to recapture the market sacrificed to the voracious

corporate domestic and international bookies.


UBET Background

Tatts Group was/is an operator of lotteries. Winning a lottery

relies on sheer luck, while proficient punters apply tools to

selecting high probability wagers. Lotteries and online punting

are both gambling, make no doubt, but the difference is a

matter of degree and control.

UBET owns the Totalisator agencies of four Australian states:

Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland and the Northern

Territory. The good news for punters in this regard is two-fold.

First, sign-up bonuses and promotions are available to a far

larger population pool. Ubet obvioulsly push hard during the

Spring Racing and offer the best Melbourne Cup Bonus Bets of

the all the other bookies. put together.

Second, punters have the security of government-backed

operations, along with a network of retail shops, which offers

the best of both worlds.

Today, the UBET operation is run out of Brisbane and is

competing against the Corporate Bookmakers such as Sportsbet,

Ladbrokes, CrownBet to name a few. To promote Ubet to new

clients they offer a Bonus Bets and Promotions regularly to play

catch up with these Corporate Bookies.


UBET Mobile Wagering

As fundamentally seismic a shift as was the innovation of

computer-based wagering, the shift to mobile wagering is

perhaps even more so of an advance, which is why we chose to

look at that aspect of UBET first.

UBET has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, namely,

smart phones and tablets. The mobile apps also function well on

desk and laptop computers, with very little sacrificed in the

bargain. For that small number of people who have devices

other than Android or iOS, the UBET website functions more

than adequately through mobile device browsers.

Even luddites such as ourselves, who did not succumb to the

allure of smart phones until around the time Tatts Group was

launching UBET, had not trouble downloading and installing the

UBET app on our Android phone.


A tap on the UBET icon took us in short order to the heart of the

app, where we were able to find the next jump, with options to

access tips, Flucs, Multi Legs, etc.

At the bottom of the page were nicely sized icons for Home

Sports, Racing Account and Bet Slip.

Anyone with the slimmest degree of familiarity with any mobile

device will be able to confidently find markets and place wagers

within minutes.

We truly appreciated the fact that even on a small phone

screen, we had no issues with seeing the information, or

concerns about ham-handedly tapping an unintended icon. We

liked the subtle colour scheme UBET has chosen and to our

delight, when we went outside in bright sunlight to have a look,

we could still view the app with ease.


UBET Main Website

We like our big monitors and we really liked UBET when viewed

on those monitors. Punters accustomed to the ubiquitous threecolumn

layout that dominates online bookmaker websites might

grumble for a minute or two, and we, world class grumblers for

many reasons, briefly did until we quickly realised that in many

ways, the UBET website’s simplicity was sublimely satisfying.

There is a lot of eye-pleasing space on the various pages,

something that makes precision navigation unnecessary and like

with the mobile app, we never had any apprehension about

missing our intended click.

We did not think highly of the slide show on some of the pages,

but once we were into the markets, we found it ease to drill

down to markets. For example, on the main racing page, we

enjoyed the way the racecourses were vertically arranged down

the left-centre of the screen. Near the top, there was a section

labeled Next to Go that showed the races in all three codes as

the jump approached. Below that were tabs for Today’s Races,

Tomorrow’s, the next day, and Future Races. There was also a

calendar that would take you to any racing date, with a left

arrow to check results and a right arrow to move into the future

to identify markets. There was also a filter that permitted

examining all three codes, or to limit to one of the three.

Jumping to the Sports section, we found a similarly pleasing

interface, Much to our surprise, when we randomly chose the

NFL, just to see if there was anything there, we found that UBET

already had 15 markets available, even though the 2017 season

is months distant.


UBET Positives

  • $200 sign-up bonus. Lower than some other bookmakers,

but far more useful in terms of the residency requirements

  • Live audio and video streaming of sports and racing
  • Competitive odds, which leads us to assume competitive

margins also

  • Good in-play odds
  • iOS and Android betting apps

UBET Minuses

  • English only
  • Australian and New Zealand dollars only currencies


  • Limited deposit methods-Visa and MasterCard only
  • Less depth of markets than many other bookmakers



UBET deserves a look if only for the reason that they realised

that they were lagging in key areas, especially promotions, and

invested money and effort into correcting those deficiencies.

For the casual punter, we can easily see having UBET as a sole

membership. For those who take the punting hobby a bit more

seriously, UBET could be seriously considered as an adjunct.

The Australian market is one of the most fiercely contested in

the world as regards choices for punters. We give UBET an edge

for having a formidable combination of online products,

combined with retail shops and on-course facilities.

They seem to have awakened to the need to innovate, if not to

stay completely abreast of the rapidly changing punting

environment, which no bookmaker can do entirely, to at least

close the gap.

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