The State Of eCommerce in Australia

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E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop today.

One click and we have our favorite product, delivered at our doorstep. If we don’t like it, then it can be returned with no question asked and your money is refunded. Australia form’s one of the highly developed e-commerce markets and ranks 9th in the world wide e-commerce market according to the Global Retail eCommerce index of 2013.

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The convenience and the large range of product that is available online have attracted the Australians. The country also has a highly developed logistics and internet facility which aids the development of the eCommerce business in Australia. In 2014, it was seen that international sales has also a major share in the eCommerce business in Australia, thus opening the huge business potential in the international market through e-commerce.

Market analysis shows, that Australians buy mostly home improvement goods, groceries, and departmental stores products online. These goods have the major share in their eCommerce buying pattern. Electronic games have the least share. Fashion also finds place lower down the ladder and even below is the personal care products which has only a 6% share of the eCommerce deals.

In the buying patterns it has been observed that Australians seem to love the international goods. About 50% of the transactions were across borders. Goods below AUD 1000 are exempted from customs; this might be the reason for the attraction towards the international markets.

Study of the online buying pattern of the Australians have also shown that 58% of these active buyers engage in research of the products they wish to buy before they actually get the deal done. This implies that Australian eCommerce buyers are informed buyers who can get the best product at the best price for themselves. 58% is a whopping number and this trend is said to be increasing with every passing month.

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