Can Car Wheels Impact Car Performance?


How much thought do you give to your car’s wheels? If you’re a car novice, you probably notice when the car is dirty, or has a weird emission smell, or makes an odd start-up sound. But you might be neglecting one of the most important parts…the wheels!  For Car Wheels in Australia, Look no further than the experts Ozzy Tyres.

Think about it, the wheels turn to make the car move! No wheels, no ride.

But how much can car wheels impact the car performance? Let’s take a look.

Your car was designed in a particular way for particular reasons, including the wheel size. You can change the size of your wheels, but be aware that this can change the way the car performs. Opting for a larger wheel circumference can make small changes to the speed, brake sensitivity, fuel usage and impact on the suspension.

One of the best ways to ensure your wheels are serving your car well is to get the alignment checked. The expert will take a look at the how the wheels are placed if they are going in strange directions and weird angles! If so, they will tweak them back into place. Why? Bad alignment can mean more wearing of the tires and higher fuel consumption. In other words, it’s an expensive problem to have, and a cheap one to fix. Unaligned wheels can also mean the driver has to constantly be adjusting their steering to stay on track, which can be frustrating and distracting.

Wheels and tires go hand-in-hand. Since the tires are constantly in contact with the road, they can wear down and must be changed before they get to the dangerous stage. The tread, (the surface of the tire that touches the road) has little rubber hairs on it that help the traction and brake-speed of the car. When these hairs wear-down and become “bald”, the car becomes dangerous to drive. Basically, a bald tire on wet or icy roads? Good luck keeping in control of the vehicle if you should slip, have to brake quickly, or make a sudden turn. Get them checked!

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